Thursday, September 30, 2010

Very Succulent Weddings

I absolutely love succulents for weddings.  It always looks stunning as a gray color in a yellow and gray wedding.  Need any good references for how to achieve the perfect balance of flower to succulent?  Check out . This site is one of the most creative and visually stunning ones out there!
Flower Bouquet by Tend of Beautiful photography by Suthi Picotte of Picotte Photography.  See the wedding as featured by
SAIPUA is also my GoTo site for flower ideas.  Located in Brooklyn, New York, Sarah of SAIPUA is such a talented artist for putting together tussles of wild flowers, blooms, and greenery and making them work in perfect shape and color harmony. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{ETSY} An Etsy Halloween

Found these GORGEOUSLY photographed finds from these talented Etsy Sellers.  By now you oughta know that is the place to go for a handmade party.  Step up your decorating skills with these items that fit perfectly with this year's Candy Corn Halloween Invite
Purchase this printable invite here!
Delicious-looking and stylishly simple cookies by PeaceLoveCookies
Check out their other sweetly photographed cookies!  It'll make your mouth water!

Perfect little array of cupcake liners by CupcakeConfessional
A fine retailer of all things cupcake.  I've ordered from there before, the shipping is fast, and the service is top notch.  If you love cupcakes you've got to browse this shop.  The colors really brighten my day.

 Light, airy, and wonderfully festive PomPoms by OrangeKisses
Check out this shop in all its colorful splendor!!  The dreamy photography of this seller has me wishing I could fill my ceiling with nothing but these PomPoms!  And yes I would order them in all the colors!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

{FREEBIE!!} Halloween Bunting to kick off the Halloween season!

I LOVE Halloween.  Just the flash of orange and jet black together makes me smile.  I've attached here my first of many {FREEBIES} for you to grab.  Use it to start putting your space (or office!) into the Halloween spirit.

If you like it, I would love it if you'd help me keep doing this for free by:
*Sharing this post on your "Facebook" so others can have this great bunting too!
*Visit my shop , browse my items, come back here and comment which invite/product you like most.
*Comment below and share how you plan on using the colorful bunting

If I get enough responses I'd love to post more {FREEBIES} for you!
Download your Halloween Bunting here
 Here are some excellent ideas for decorating your home with bunting
images by

Saturday, September 25, 2010

{FREEBIE} Our very first freebie for the Halloween Season!

Stay tuned for a Halloween Freebie coming up in the next couple of days!  Use it to start decorating your home for the spooky season! 

Gettin' Hitched

It's an amazing and life changing moment when a man gets down on one knee to ask his girl to marry him.  When he hears 'yes' it's an electric moment.  I've released a series of  "Save The Date" cards to announce this wonderful news.  Of course you want a card that encapsulates your style so choose something vibrant!  Choose something classic!  Choose something in colors that you've always dreamed your wedding would be transformed in.

Here are some wedding ideas from Unabashed Bliss  and if you liked what you see there, check out her shop on Etsy
Beautiful details!!
Here is an inspiration board from wedding blog KeenToBeSeen
Is your gorgeous wedding going to look like this?  Well this is the "Save The Date" for you!

Order it in the shop while it's at a great price of $6 here on The Paper Socialite.  If you love the style but want them tailored exactly for you, let us know your color preferences and we'll happily accommodate you!


Wow a newbie! ^_^ Hopefully you'll go on this adventure with me.  I'll be doing giveaways, party photoshoots, and sharing fun party ideas with you.  I've always wanted to see parties with class and full color.  I am very much inspired by design indicative of high class California style; Resort style, Hollywood Regency, and Vintage 50's 60's design.

Here are my inspirations:
From 'The Parker' Resort in Palm Springs.  A BIG inspiration
My interpretation of that photo.  Love it!  Buy it here in my shop, THE PAPER SOCIALITE