Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gettin' Hitched

It's an amazing and life changing moment when a man gets down on one knee to ask his girl to marry him.  When he hears 'yes' it's an electric moment.  I've released a series of  "Save The Date" cards to announce this wonderful news.  Of course you want a card that encapsulates your style so choose something vibrant!  Choose something classic!  Choose something in colors that you've always dreamed your wedding would be transformed in.

Here are some wedding ideas from Unabashed Bliss  and if you liked what you see there, check out her shop on Etsy
Beautiful details!!
Here is an inspiration board from wedding blog KeenToBeSeen
Is your gorgeous wedding going to look like this?  Well this is the "Save The Date" for you!

Order it in the shop while it's at a great price of $6 here on The Paper Socialite.  If you love the style but want them tailored exactly for you, let us know your color preferences and we'll happily accommodate you!

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